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The eagle’s loss to Argentina was a foreseeable defeat.

With the sorrowful mood of the nation caused by the recent massacre of the innocent in Jos, it was almost a sure defeat for Nigeria.

The mood of the nation must have caught up with the players on the pitch even though in a distant land.

The psychological effects of this on the players must not be ignored.

A few days ago, the country was united for the first time in a long while. The amazing feat of Ahmed Musa brought Nigeria together in a way our leaders never could.

But then came the gruesome murders…

Energy was depleted; the feeling of oneness at the initial encounter of the team was deflated by the sorrow of the new killings by marauding herdsmen.


In my opinion, there wasn’t much the team could have done, so much killings, so much blood, ultimately led to fragmentation of feelings amongst them.

Back home in Nigeria,there was a general ambivalence in most parts of the country; most people were of the opinion that the players should have declined to play in other to get the world’s attention to the gruesome slaughter of their helpless countrymen.

Not only was Nigeria dealing with the collective pain of the Jos & Calabar/Ogoja killings, Nigerian had also, recently, been ranked as one of the most poorest country in the world with over 80 million of her citizens living below poverty line.

How were our players supposed to play under these conditions?

Let’s juxtapose this with the mood in Argentina when Lionel Messi’s birthday was celebrated on the 24th of this month just a couple of days ago. The mood was light; the people were happy, even happy enough to boast about how they were going to thrash Nigeria on the pitch.

In other words, Argentina took out time celebrate their captain and it reflected in their overall performance.

The country was united in a state of celebration, and determination to win the world cup, as compared to our team grappling with too many issues.

Yes, the team had its own technical issues however; we must not ignore their obvious emotional limitations.

If we are going to succeed as a nation and win laurels and medals, Nigeria has no choice but to put her house in order.

Unity of purpose goes beyond fine jerseys and ‘ashoebi’.


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