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Six Affordable Gifts To get your Dad this Father’s Day


Six Affordable Gifts To get your Dad this Father’s Day

Six Affordable Gifts To get your Father this Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the corner, and ideally you should be able to empty your coffers for ‘daddy’ but many of us are under a tight budget. Celebrating your Dad doesn’t mean you have to be in debt, here are six affordable gifts you can throw into your shopping cart without having to break the bank.

-A Hydro Flask Cold/ Hot Water Bottle

fathers day

Now this particular gift may seem weird, but don’t write it off just yet. In a country like Nigeria where one can never be too sure of power supply, having hot or cold water on the go would be a blessing. Try it

A Sophisticated Pair Of Cufflinks

fathers day

As little aas they may seem, a good pair of cufflinks will go a long way in elevating your dads simple look into a more classic one


Solar Reading Lamp With Radio

fathers day

A solar powered reading lamp with radio would make a perfect father’s day gift for any dad.


Shaving Kit

fathers day

A great shaving kit for a great dad won’t be a bad idea. There are a couple of shaving kits that are under the budget that would put a smile on your dad’s. Grabbing a nice smelling shaving cream that smells like mint or sandalwood would be nice and still affordable.


A Set Of Fun Socks

fathers day

Socks are essential to outfits and would provide dad a way to show some flair. Change his sock collection from the regular ‘old daddy’ patterned socks to fun patterns and grey and white colour schemes that go with just everything.

A Tie and Pocket Square

fathers day

If your dad is in the corporate world, this is the best gift for him. A classic grey, blue or black tie would do just fine.


A Cologne

fathers day

Again, you can never go wrong with cologne.


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