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Short Story: Army Man Pikin (TWO)



Short Story: Army Man Pikin (TWO)


Then someone began to knock at the door and her phone started ringing simultaneously.  I looked at her with teary ears.

She picked up the phone then I saw ‘DADDY’ calling, just then my heart skipped a beat. I screamed in my mind.

Gift immediately pushed me to the bathroom, dressed up and went to open the door.

Me I was shaking vigorously.

It was her dad. She let him in …it was obvious to him that she wasn’t alone infact my belt was on the floor and my shoes at the door.

Then I heard him shout, JESUS who is here with you???

Where is the man

…she couldn’t talk

I heard him say,”Sergeant, get me my gun”

That was when it hit me. She one said that her Dad was a General.

I saw my life flash before my eyes…I thought about my life, my future. I was too young to die…Out of other place to die sef, I go come die for PH, inside girl bathroom?  Na so I begin climb through window o

Then I looked up and saw a gun pointed towards me. I lost my grip and landed to the floor…from a one storey building.

I was hurt; badly hurt… but I didn’t feel it.

I checked to see if the Dad or the sergeant had come downstairs. When I saw that the coast was clear, I began to run; FAST.

Faster than Usain Bolt

I climbed the fence into the next compound to hide until the heat was off but the dogs no gree…

I jumped back down and started running for my dear life. Butt naked, my D jingling in the streets as the Dad shot many bullets in my direction…I just dey dogde am anyhow while I was crying profusely and praying to God to rescue me

My body was in real pain from that jump, but mehnnn, I didn’t care…I just kept on running face front, no turning back

Before I knew it, I was in the bush, but I just continued running, people thought I was mad so they didn’t try to stop me. At some point I think I even had to swim my way through that night.

After about four hours of running, I looked up and realised that I wasn’t even in PH anymore, I was in Abia state…


I was in Abia state…I ran all the way from PH to Abia state and you guy still think Usain Bolt is the real MVP???

I’m using a Good Samaritan’s phone to this guys, I’m still in Abia state, homeless and begging for just enough money to take me back.





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