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Dahlia’s Dilemma(Part Two)


Dahlia’s Dilemma(Part Two)

Dahlia trembled violently.She had never been so scared in her life and she was fifteen. She peered out from where she was hiding but was unable to locate her father from amongst the hooded men.

She began to get up to crawl out of the room when suddenly one of the men walked up to the weeping woman and dragged her roughly to the centre of an already drawn pentagram.

The woman screamed as loud as she could through the gag.She tried to fight him but her hands were tightly tied to her back like an animal led to the slaughter.

“All Hail king Satan” the priestess screamed again, her long talon-like nails moving hypnotically in the air.

“May he be praised” the hooded men replied in unison.

The priestess walked up to the woman and using a forefinger which she had dipped in blood, traced an upside down Cross on her forehead.

“Lucifer lord of light, Accept the sacrifice we bring thee this day” she chanted and raised her hands high in the air as she began to sway dangerously in trance-like motions.

Her hooded colleagues,enchanted by their priestess demonstration joined in the chant while dancing frenzically to the tunes playing in their heads.



Dahlia heart was beating fast, they meant to kill the woman.

Her mind began to race,she knew she had to do something, and fast.

She looked around wildly and located a heavy looking granite slab. It seemed to be a broken piece from the altar the woman lay.

All the while she was testing her ability to lift the slab, the chanting had stopped.

The man with the goat horned helmet made a loud guttural sound. He grunted repeatedly and quietened.

Slowly, he lifted up the in knife his hands and began to lower it when suddenly there was a loud bang and he dropped to his knees with a thud.

Behind him stood the reason for the noise, Dahlia.


Everybody froze for a second.


The hall was immediately divided in two, several hands dragged Dahlia to the furious priestess while others rushed to their fallen comrade.


They succeeded in prying off the remnant of the shattered helmet from his head when they noticed that his skull had all but caved in. A thick pool of blood flowed freely from his head.

They disrobed him and tried to staunch the blood but it was to no avail.

“Dahlia” A voice cried out.

It was her father’s.

Dahlia turned sharply,her eyes scanned the room for the source of the voice .

Her wandering eyes came to an abrupt halt when they reached the crumpled figure on the ground. His head was crowned in a halo of his own blood.

He held out a weak hand towards her and looked to his colleagues with tearsbin his eyes.

“Forgive her,she is but a child” he said.


Fatherrrrrrrrrr!!! Dahlia screamed, but there was no response,for his eyes had rolled back into his head.



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