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Dahlia’s Dilemma(Part One)


Dahlia’s Dilemma(Part One)

Dahlia woke up from her fitful sleep with a start.She had tossed and turned all night and was grateful to finally wake.

The air was balmy and humid and the bedsheet stuck to her skin as she stood up to to rinse her face in the bathroom

Krrrrrrhhhhh, the door downstairs creaked open slowly and she heard footsteps march outside.

Dahlia rushed to the window and through the bright light of the full moon,was able to make out the form of her father as he stealthily crept from the house into the woods. ‘He is always going there to think’ she said with a smile.

Dahlia grinned toothily to herself as she hurriedly wore her clothes.’Let me scare you small…’she thought to herself.

Letting the moonlight lead her, Dahlia made her way into the woods behind the house and followed the moist footprints left by the trampled leaves on the ground. She skipped along excitedly at first, but after almost twenty minutes of trudging through the cold bushes,her excitement had waned completely. Her feet had begun to hurt.

‘What would Father be doing here so late?’ she wondered tiredly as she stopped to inspect the leaves for footprints.

The prints had ended suddenly at that point and it was surprising because there were no doors or buildings for miles away.

‘Daddy has to be here somewhere’ she thought to herself as she crept about in the bushes hoping to catch him by surprise,however all these were to no avail for he had simply just dissapeared.

Just when she was about to turn back, she heard rustling sounds,followed by muffled voices.It was the voices of about three men ,none of whom she knew.She turned sharply and in the cover of darkness,watched the strange procession before her.

One walked straight to the base of a tree and knelt on all fours.He put out his hands and felt for something in the grass,it was the handle of a lid.

It creaked as he tugged at it and it revealed a badly lit underground tunnel into which he and his counterparts dissapeared.

Dahlia was confused, her mind was spinning fast. ‘Who are these men and what has daddy to do with them?’ she whispered.

She waited for what she felt was an appropriate amount of time and then crawled to the lid and lifted it slowly as she gingerly descended through the damp staircase into the the tunnel.

She was greeted by an orchestra of voices,male and female alike. They rose and fell in unison as they chanted “All hail Satan our king”

The voices grew louder as she crept closer.

Dahlia was terrified, but something kept pulling her in.

The staircase ended abruptly and produced a large hall. Naked in the centre of the hall was a woman who was bound hand and foot and gagged with a thick rag. She was surrounded by twelve men clothed in black robes lined with crimson trimmings. On an elevated platform sat a svelte woman who sported a red hooded robe, she had an air of authority about her and Dahlia suspected she was a priestess.



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