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Champion’s League Drama

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Champion’s League Drama

Yet again, Gareth Bale has proven himself to be the lethal striker in the just concluded UEFA champion’s league. After being bought for a world record fee of hundred million euro’s, he has established a future at Real Madrid with his two goals against Liverpool.

I mean, to play down the Ronaldo hype is no mean feat.

After replacing Isco Alarcon in the second half, everyone expected him to perform his usual ‘disappearing tactics’ where he hardly touches the ball, but last night to the utmost surprise of all present, Gareth Bale miraculously saved the day with his spectacular bicycle kick which led to Madrid’s second goal.

The Liverpool keeper sef no even help matter

Oya see the third goal na, the Liverpool’s basket in a post could not even make up for the first goal error but still decided to allow a shot that came straight into his palms to go for a goal. I’m even thinking Mignolet is better sef.

Without Karius manning the goal post last night, Maybe Bale wouldn’t have scored, and same for Benzema.

However, last night, Madrid was the better team and now with Bale scoring, they might decide to keep him. This goes to mean that the BBC trio continues and maybe there might be no need for Madrid to buy Neymar or Hazard.

Based on the level of hype that Ronaldo and Salah were given before the match, it came as a surprise to everyone when the two strikers couldn’t find the net. But to the amazement of everyone, it was the hundred million Euros’ Bale that stepped in and saved the day.

I’m sure everyone must have thought that Bale was incapable of any such agility due to how prone he was to getting injuries in past matches, but he must have shocked ya’ll in his first goal, because no keeper would’ve been able to catch such ball.

*** Ronaldo for Ballon ‘d’ Or

*** Bale to remain at Madrid

*** Salah and Carvajal might miss the world cup due to injuries

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Agatha

    June 1, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    The moment I saw them bringing in Bale for Isco, trust me, I started grumbling. Few minutes later, he proved me right. Karius is very lucky he’s not a Nigerian, he would have been looking for another citizenship. His flops has been overlooked in other matches including the match against Roma that put them in the Finals. It was just pathetic to see it happen again in a world breaking match. The good thing is I’m a Manchester United fan!

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