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Short Story: Army Man Pikin (ONE)


Short Story: Army Man Pikin (ONE)

I added up this beautiful chic on Facebook, her name was Gift. We chatted for a while on the messenger but messages weren’t enough so I collected her whatsapp number.

Having had many encounters with girls in the past, I was careful this time…very careful.

I ensured that this ‘beauty’ was real before agreeing to hook with her. I asked for numerous selfies (mostly without makeup and snapchat filter). I even got her to send me video clips of herself , then we video called…just to be sure it was real. When I confirmed that she was worth it, I began to get serious.

After about a month of forming, she agreed to hook up…but on the condition that I visit her at her place…Portharcout .

Mehnnn…Ph seemed far…but…but…she was a fine girl and I couldn’t resist. Besides, that was my first Ph parole so I thought ‘Life is too short, All sin na sin’

Before I continue, you need to know that this chic was just ‘it’’. She had no flaw and her skin was pure honey…not the bleached type o…I drooled and salivated every time I saw her picture. Not just that sef, she was fluent in English, lighttttt skinned and well endowed; front and back.

Back to the story;

Finally, Gift and I fixed a day to see…she had her own apartment and I asked my guys of the address she gave me; they said it was a tush place in the GRA.

Meaning her parents were wealthy…


I couldn’t wait for weekend to come, Friday je je, I packed my bag and began my journey. I took the evening bus so that I could sleep on the way and reserve my strength for her (LOL). I got to PH in the around 7:30 and i followed the address she gave me and got to her house.

When I saw her, I almost cried

Damn, the chic was beautiful. She looked far better than her pictures and smelt like roses. The babe went from looking like Omotola to Aishwaryi Rai, the Indian movie star…I just kept on staring and swallowing saliva…

I silently thank God for this Jackpot. I even thought God was trying to console me for all I had suffered in the past. I tried to look calm and form maturity but deep inside, I was dancing like a mad baby.

Her one bedroom apartment looked nice and neat…I sat and thought, ‘could this be real? Am I dreaming’?

Well, I headed to have my bath while she made me noodles and egg which she fed me while sitting on my lap. Mehn, she was so romantic and sweet

After eating the food, it was time for the main FOOD. So we headed for some intense foreplay.

We were thirty minutes into the foreplay, our clothes were OFF and my condom was ON…I was just about to score …


Written By: Anonymous

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