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My Husband Was My Rebound Guy. I Am Still In Love With My Ex



My Husband Was My Rebound Guy. I Am Still In Love With My Ex

Precisely 16 years ago when I was 18 and in the University, I met my first true love during a short break at home.

He sat down behind me in church and gave me his card and that was the start of our short time together. He wanted us to get married asap,I was in part 3 and I just could not.  He wasn’t patient as he was 10 years older and was ready to settle down but I was not ready.

Abruptly after a weekend of coming to see him, he cut off the relationship – no good bye, no tangible reason. I was broken  and I failed woefully that semester.

Fast forward to 6 months after a friend brought an invite for a wedding she wanted me to attend with her and it was my darling getting married to someone he met in 6 months.

I was broken when I realised this. I called him and insulted him so bad. After he got married, we would meet up someplace but my anger would well up and we would cut it off again but still, that guy had my mumu button.

16 years after we moved into a new house and I find out that we are neighbors, Imagine Northern Foreshore & Bourdillon court on Chevron Drive. We bump into each other every moment,fuel station, Ebeano all the common areas.

We rekindled our affair and the sex is everything and more,we both have kids.

I can’t let him go because he’s my true love and though, has been married for 13 years and I 11 years, I still love him.

Don’t judge me but that guy was my true love and my husband is just a rebound to my true love.

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